Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ice Cream Cone Cake

My Pink Ice Cream Cone Cake

Oh my gosh, am I pleased with this cake.  When my sister showed me she wanted an ice cream cake for her daughters birthday, I thought.  Yikes, but I can do that.  So imagine my excitement upon completion.  

Going through Pinterest there are numerous ice cream cakes to look through.  To the best of my ability I really like to make my own creation as well as fit my colors and theme.  

Here I think I have done just that.  An adorable pink success.
To create you will need to bake 2, 9" cakes of your choice. Use a small amount of your cake batter to bake 1 cupcake. I wanted white and pink frosting with complementing pearls and sprinkles.   You will also need a large waffle cone and candy melts.  

After baking and cooling your cake, you can start to build it. Put your leveled first layer down, frost or fill your center.  Add the second layer and frost the entire cake. If needed, let it set before continuing.  

For my pink melted look I used store bought strawberry frosting and melted it down a little in the microwave.  Then poured the desired amount over my cake and added sprinkles and pearls of varying sizes.  

Next, melt your candy and dip your cone into it.  Cover your cone in the same sprinkles and pearls before it sets up. Put your cupcake inside your cone right after so it's inside the cone before it sets.  Place a large lollipop stick inside the cupcake without going through the cone.  Then carefully turn the cone over so you can place it on the top of the cake.  Use the other end of the stick down inside the cake to keep it secure.  Add any additional candy melt or pink frosting to cover any exposed parts. Add sprinkles as needed.  

Finally, plate your cake, add any other desired decorations and candles. Serve your masterpiece and as always, enjoy.

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