Friday, January 6, 2017

Ice Cream Nutter Butters


Well not only are these adorable and fun, but they are simple to make.  Use them as a party favor or during the party as special treats to eat.  

Since our party was all about ice cream and girly, we went with pastels.  Customize your Nutter Butters to your party and enjoy.

1 package of Nutter Butter cookies
1 package of candy melts
large confetti dots or M&M's
packaging if you plan to give them as favors

Melt your candy in the microwave following package instructions.  I used a flat smooth knife to spread the melted candy onto the cookie.  Sprinkle and confetti right away, so candy melt doesn't set up.  Place cookies on parchment paper to set up.  After all the cookies have set up, package them or plate them for your event.  I made mine a day ahead and stored them in Tupperware.  

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