Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fun, simple party ideas

Theme Cookies

Cookie Bags

DIY Yogurt Bar

Donut Shop
There are so many fantastic things you can do for your party.  There is also no need to spend a lot.  

One of my local bakeries made these cookies for me.  I ordered the color and saying I wanted and picked them up a few days later.  I also could not resist the $1 stamp I found at Michaels, to the moon and back.  Perfect! 

DIY yogurt bar is a simple thing to do.  Use what you have or buy reasonably priced bowls and spoons.  Make a cute sign and put your yogurt on ice.  Use a champagne ice bucket or even a bowl.  Your guests decide how much they want and what toppings.  Genius!

Winchell's!  Not much more needs to be said about that.  Pick one or a variety and add a strawberry.  Super pretty.


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