Monday, March 26, 2012

At the EPXO

City Hall Venue

Personally Yours Photography

Powell's Candy Store

City Hall
A view from the side

The glitter letters I put together for my girls

Downtown Novato, Ca. is a delightful place.  Personally Yours Photography's, Jennifer and Sheila out did themselves putting together this weekends Bridal Expo. The merchants in downtown showed me what they have to offer a bride planning her special day.  They were also very pleasant to work with.  30 local florists, caterers, travel agents, bakers, health and wellness, jewelers, make-up artists,  videographer, Dj, tanning, printers, candy shops, a brooch designer, bridal wear, couture shop, wedding planner and the photography team at Personally Yours put together a wonderful afternoon.  I was able to be the fly on the wall and take photos, as well as watch the vendors share what they do with others.  
City Hall is an adorable venue, with a nicely renovated interior and lovely exterior.  I great place to hold both your wedding ceremony and reception.  
My highlights are AE Video and Web Design, Grapevine Music, and Continental Jewelers.  All three of the vendors had great personalities. The videographer was very outgoing, organized, and motivated.  The Dj was made for what he does.  A fabulous voice!  The lady's from Continental Jewelers were super friendly with very pretty product.
I certainly do look forward to the next one.  Word has it that aside from the plan to do it again next March, they are planning a Fall Expo as well.  Even if you are not planning a wedding, this is an Expo to consider coming to. It gives you a chance to get to know the people that own stores in your community, what they have to offer, sample it and make that downtown connection.  

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