Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bringing Back The Old. Ring, Ring!

#1 Vintage Pink from
#2 & 3 POP Phone from
#4 Aqua Wall Phone from

#5 Black & White Desk Phone from
#6 Red Lip Phone from

Retro phones are the best.  They have color and style.  How many of you had the Red Lip phone?  I recently came across, "New Is Old Again" in my Family Circle magazine.  They shared the fun new POP Phone on the Inner Circle.  It is a handset you can use on your cell phone.  No more earbuds... This inspired me to relive old things.  With my love of the 50's this was easy and fun.  Above I pictured 5 other phones and labeled were to get them.  Some of these phones used to be around my house.  Too bad we don't still have them.  You can pick up vintage phones on E-bay or antique shops, but they are not cheap.  Its nice to have the option for a new retro phone too.  I think my favorite is #1.  How about you?

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