Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fondant Ruffle Cake

This is my first ever fondant ruffle cake.  It was my Easter challenge.  I think on a scale of 1-5, to make this, it is a 3.  You make your cake as you would, and put a thin layer of frosting on it.  Pop in the fridge for a while.  While your waiting, about 30 minutes, you can start rolling out your fondant.  You want to cut strips, one side straight and the other curved.  Layer the strips around the cake, covering everything underneath.  I also added shimmer dust.  This was a nice add on and looked great in person, but not so great in the photo. 

In the end I am glad I did this challenge for myself.  I did not care for how the cake looked cut.  Was very difficult.  The pieces fell off as I cut them.  If you don't mind about the pieces coming apart, give this a try.  

Good luck and as always, enjoy...

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