Friday, February 20, 2015

My Fancy Cake

     Birthday's are so exciting.  Even more so when your turning 1.  Recently my niece turned one and I had the honor of making this fabulous cake for her.  Inspiration came from photographer, Tim Walker.  My sister, Taylor Sterling, TheGlitterGuide's founder, had a fantastic vision for this lucky little girls first year celebration.  
     So this cake was a delightful butter cake layered with non dairy whip topping and filled with fresh strawberries.  I decorated the top with pale pink meringue cookies.  
     The clever face on top of the cake I made.  I created it from a photo shoot Tim Walker did with ballerina's. The cake was placed on a turning cake stand, so all could see the front and back of the topper.  
Super fun!

Photograph's by Jenna Rae

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