Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Super Sweet 16, part 1

Wooden Numbers
Beverly's Fabric's

Glitter Paint

Wood Circle
Lucky random find

Finished Product

Mini brownies 

Surprise York in the middle

What a sweet celebration.  Turning 16 only happens once.  I put together a few treats and made some fun toppers to go along with them.  I also made my first cupcake glitter plate with matching 16.  This is a 2 part because I have a lot of pictures to share.  
It makes me soooo happy when a project turns out how I want it to be.  This wood circle was a challenge to find.  I only got the one.  Painted it silver first to give a solid foundation for the glitter.   Then I layered on the glitter paint.  I did add a bit of fine silver glitter to the paint.  After this was dry, I added the glitter ribbon around the edge.  I applied that with hot glue.  Check back on Fridays post to see the complete ensemble.  
Cupcakes pictured are mini brownies and York brownies.  I put a bite size York in the middle of the brownie and topped it with a half York.  
I look forward to sharing the rest with you Friday........................................  YUM!

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