Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spider Snacks

Spider Snack Goodie Bags.  Fun, easy, and yummy.  This is a great addition to a party.  You only need these few simple things and a bit of time to put them together.  

#1 Candy Corn
#2 Raisins
#3 Gold Raisins
#4 Mini Oreo's
#5 Polka Dot Bags
#6 Black Pipe Cleaner

Once you have gathered all your supplies.  Get your pipe cleaners to make your spiders.  Cut pipe cleaners in half.  This will make them 6" long.  This piece will be used to wrap around the bag.  Then cut 3" pieces for the legs. Each spider will need 1, 6" piece and 4, 3" pieces.  Twist the 6" piece around the bundle of 3" pieces.  Then bend the 3" piece slightly to make the legs.  
Next take all your food items and mix it up in a bowl.  Use a measuring cup to fill into bags.  Quantity of snacks in the bag will depend on the size of your bags.  I suggest using about 1 cup.  
Once your bags are full, take your spider and twist the 6" piece around the bag to seal them shut.  
If you are having a large party, maybe a birthday or block party, this would make a great project for your little ones to help you make.  
Lastly, I would run up to the Dollar Tree store and pick out a Halloween Bowl to put all your bags in.

Have a Creepy Crawly Night!

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