Monday, September 12, 2011



#1 Ann Taylor Ring $58.00
#2  Unique Vintage Tag $8.00
#3  Madame Mathilde Bracelet $48.00

Family Circle Magazine recently had a "Pretty in Pink" page.  I instantly fell in LOVE with these items.  For one they are Pink, two they support a great cause, Breast Cancer, and three they are pretty, fun and delicious.  If you go to you will find some of these items.  The rest are under Health and cancer.  All of these items you purchase give a donation to Breast Cancer. Each % varies, some as much as 70%.  My favorite is the luggage tag.  For the Glitter Girl in us all, especially my sister over at, I would have to go with the chocolate shoe.  Make a purchase, get something great and support a cause...

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