Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Whip Up

My quick little weekend whip up.  This weekend my mom was having a little dinner get together.  She asked me if I could bake for her.  So I put together these cupcakes.  The yellow baking cups are something new I tried.  Many people at her dinner are on a reduced sugar diet.  So I tried this Sweet and Low white cake.  I added some sugar free vanilla pudding to give it more moisture.  This was a good idea and I could have added more than what I did.  I had a bit less than half a package and it would have been better if I had a full half.  I popped a pineapple chunk into the middle of the cupcake and baked away.  They came out very good.  I bit more dense than what I prefer, but any sugar free recipe I have tried bakes up that way. The others were a yellow cake that I added sprinkles into.  Those put a smile on every kids face.  Another happy crowd...

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