Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Touches Of Glitter

Pottery Barn Plates

Dollar Tree Frames


Root Beer Cupcakes

Flowers & Glitter
Beverly's Fabric



Silver Charger

Adding touches of Glitter to your table top is fun and easy.  It can also be inexpensive.  I gathered items from DollarTree, Micheal's and used my 40% coupon, Beverly's and used my 40% coupon, and Walmart.
*Black Frame
  1) glitter letter stickers
  2) remove paper inside frame that tells you the size of the frame
  3) turn it over the solid white side
  4) apply your stickers to spell out the name
  5) put the frame back together
$$$ A dollar and a few pennies
*Pink Gerber Daisy
  1) Use a glue stick to apply glue in the desired area
  2) Sprinkle glitter over glue
  3) Shake off extra glitter 
$$$ A dollar and a few pennies
*Black Table Cover & Black Napkins
$$$ 2.00 at Dollar Tree
* Sparkle Diamond Scatter
$$$ Beverly's 4.00 with coupon
*Pink Votive
$$$ 1.00 at Micheal's
* Party Invites
$$$ 5.00 Walmart
Finally the cupcakes, came out yummy.  I made the white cake according the directions.  Of course I always add sugar free vanilla pudding to the mix.  I added 6 teaspoons of the root beer concentrate.  Baked, topped with vanilla frosting and decorated with shimmer dust and some of my glitter cupcake toppers.  
Over all this was a fun little project, of course inspired by my Glitter Girl Sister over at  Touches of sparkle on your table at very reasonable prices...
Glitter Flag Toppers at  

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