Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Berry Treat

There is nothing like a fresh berry treat.  This one I put together was so easy and reasonably priced to make.  All three berries I used had great flavor.  Blackberries can be a challenge.  They are not always sweet and pretty as these turned out to be.  I was very pleased.  I decided to try this sponge cake.  It was not my favorite part of this treat.  Probably would have been better if I made one instead of buying one ready made.  On the other hand it was very sturdy which made moving it around and filling it perfect.  I layered everything in.  Super easy!  I decided to use a small amount of whipping cream and mixed it in a piping bag with the glaze to give it a swirl effect.  It worked out very well and helped to add a bit of sweetness to the whipping cream.  I did not add a lot of sugar when making the whipping cream.  All and all this was a very simple and quick treat to make.  I should also mention refreshing.  

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