Friday, May 20, 2011

Glee Club Rocks!

How special is it?  A bunch of brave grade school kids singing their little hearts out for family and friends.  They did great and there were many solo acts.  My son has only been part of the Glee Club for 4 months and does his mother proud.  At the last minute I decided to ask the teacher if I could whip up a bunch of cupcakes for the kids.  So here they are.  I only had one and a half hours to make the cupcakes, decorate them and make the toppers.  Not bad for such a short amount of time.  Only thing I forgot was take a picture of the back of the topper.  Fun musical notes were on the backside.  I found these fun neon flowers at Home Goods a few weeks ago. They were great colors and really added to the fun of the celebration.  You Rock Kids!

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