Monday, May 16, 2011

Bits of my Vintage

There are lots of bits of vintage around my house.  I decided to share a few with you.  My vintage comes from many places.  Some is from grandmothers, great grandmothers, friends, special gifts from family trips, or fun antique store or e-bay finds.  I have a somewhat large collection of tea cups.  I shared my favorites.  The pink tea cup is my over all favorite. I worry every time I have to clean it because it is very delicate.  The other I pictured toward the bottom is my only collection.  It comes from Italy and has been party of my family for over 70 years.  My vintage jewelry comes from all over.  It is fun to have just to look at every now and again as well as wear with the right outfit.  My eyes never get tired of looking at them. The first in my newly started head vase collection, I just love.  Such a sweet face and a true definition of vintage.  Produced in 1956 and I found it on e-bay.  Was a great purchase.  Finally my mini tea pot with flowers and doves was a gift from family during a vacation on the other side of the world.  It looks great in my wall unit.  I also threw in some pictures of roses that I swiped from my moms garden.  I knew it was okay to do because they only had a few days of life left.  I put them on my stove in a short glass vase and the pop of color was so nice.  I might be a little goofy about it, but I love a rose that is all the way open.  They to me, are so full of life even though they are near the end of it.  

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