Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a find

Have a pretty Valentine's Day on a budget by shopping your local Target.  Out and about I found some great deals at Target to add to my Valentine's Day decor. Window clings with these adorable birds and hearts, plastic platters which are great to put your cupcakes on, and really pretty picture frames.  The white glitter frame I thought would be a great addition to my girls room and the cute dog one is one of my grandparents loves.  Everyone can always use storage containers.  I always seem to be looking for more.  How nice of someone to create containers to go with each holiday so you can organize and don't even have to label them.  Last but most certainly not least are the mini mailboxes and pretty pink tin.  They offer several colors in the tins, but I am a lover of pink, so that was my choice.  The mini mailbox is an great way for your children to store the Valentine's they get.  The best part is that everything is reasonably priced.  Anywhere from $1.00 to $6.00 each for the items I picked up.  There is so much more and people shopping around me were loving it. Don't miss out and check out your Target today...

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