Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baking essentials

The bakers must haves.  At the very least you should have a large bowl to mix in, a whisk, measuring spoons and a measuring cup.  As my collection has grown over the years I added to the bare minimum.  I use both a regular size ice cream scoop and a cookie scoop for filling my baking cups.  Doing this makes it easier to get the same amount in each baking cup and you so not have to struggle trying to get it out of the scoop.  That magical little thing that sweeps the scoop help it to come right out.  Two sizes are used for regular and mini cupcakes.  As a gift one year my husband bought me the Wilton tool kit from Michael's.  It came with this blue box, a book on how to frost cakes and make decorative trim, many food colors, several tips, well the list goes on and on.  Bottom line, go check out Michael's to see what works for you.  I believe Wilton makes a couple different ones.  Have fun, work clean and stay organized...

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