Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sweet Buckeye's With A Twist

Sweet Buckeye's

     1 (16oz) pkg. chocolate chips( I used mini)
     1/2 cup melted butter
     1 lb. confectioners' sugar
     1 lb. peanut butter( I used creamy Skippy)
     2 cups graham cracker crumbs
     1 tsp. vanilla extract

    Combine melted butter, confectioners' sugar, peanut butter( I melted mine a bit in the microwave), graham cracker crumbs and vanilla in a bowl and mix well.  Shape mixture into bite size balls. Melt your chocolate chips in the microwave.  Done slowly this method works very well. You can either dip or drizzle your peanut butter balls.  This time to change things up I drizzled.  Cool on wax paper.  

Simple, sweet, eat! 

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