Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sweet Elodie

This cake was not only fun to create, but is so special.  My sister Taylor, of is the proud mom of Ms. Elodie.  She just turned 6 months old.  Although many may not celebrate a 6 month 1/2 birthday, it was special for my sister and her husband.  Elodie was born on Dec. 13, 2014, which was a Friday.  This past Friday was also the 13th.  So considering the rare occasion and that she is an awesome baby, why not celebrate.  

I created this fun 4 layer confetti cake.  The cake sits on a lovely green cake plate from Target, Oh Joy! This fabulous gold wire name topper comes from Kearydee at

To create cake you will need 4 cake pans equal in size.  I used Duncan Hines cake mix.  This one is white cake.  Mix, and add Smart and Final light rainbow sprinkles and cook per box instructions.  Let them cool. After each layer is cooled, take each layer over your sink gently rub the edge of your cake all around to get the golden color off so you can see your confetti.  Using a frosting tip of your choice, frost as close to the edge as you can.  I used Betty Crocker whipped white and strawberry frosting.  After frosting the edge I frosted an X across the middle of the cake to hold the layers together.  I didn't want to use a lot of frosting, so I didn't frost the entire layer.  Repeat these steps until you have added your top layer.  I frosted the entire top and added the same sprinkles around the edge.  
Lastly, sit back and watch all the eyes in the room light up with the excitement of seeing this cake for the first time. It's wonderful!

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