Friday, November 8, 2013

Layered Burnt Almond Cake

Layered Burnt Almond Cake

This cake is a surprise waiting inside.  Of all my creations for my sisters baby shower, I am not sure which one I love the most. Everything meet my expectations, and pleased the crowd.  This was my only dessert that had a bit of baby added to it.  I made the topper out on wood lambs that I picked up at my local craft store.  I used spray glue and covered them with white glitter.  I glued the lambs to white lollipop sticks.  In the center I used a wood cake dowel and very thin white and pale pink ribbon to connect them to each other.  
2 boxes Duncan Hines yellow cake mix(follow box directions)
1 container of Smart and Final non-dairy whip topping
1 package of sliced almonds from Trader Joe's

Bake your cake as the directions say.  Mix the frosting according to the directions too. On a cookie sheet, spread out your almonds and put them under the broiler for a few short minutes.  This will brown them and will happen fast. After everything has cooled, cut your cake layers.  I made 3. Put your first layer on your cardboard circle, frost, and sprinkle almonds on top of the frosting.  Repeat this for all your inside layers.  Put on your final layer and frost the entire outside of your cake. Decorate how you desire and always enjoy your creation.  
Photography by Emily Scott of Em the Gem

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