Monday, August 13, 2012

A Sterlingstyle Sweet Wedding

I realize that at first glance many professional bakers my turn their nose up to me.  However, I have to say this.  I love fresh, moist, fluffy cakes.  You can sometimes get this from a bakery.  Of course, you will pay for it.  I have tried many from scratch recipes over the years and have yet to come across one that meets all of my requirements.  My sisters wedding has by far been my biggest challenge.  Many concerns came up over me baking for her wedding that I was in as well as all of my children.  I can only say, that my family LOVES challenges.  So, off I went on my baking adventure.  I baked 170 butter golden cupcakes and a 2 tier 3 layers each wedding cake.  We only came home with 10 cupcakes and part of the wedding cake to save for the traditional 1 year anniversary.  So, I must have done something good.  What was created here would have cost a minimum of $600.  Even with purchasing some needed supplies I did not already have, it cost less than half of that. Planning everything out.  Staying very organized and doing a practice run, made this wedding challenge a success.  

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  1. Great job! Can't snub the box cake, I made my own wedding cake from a box!!! And it was DELICIOUS! In fact, I've had very few wedding cakes (professionally baked) that were any better. Sorry bakers...the boxed stuff is so easy and good!