Monday, April 23, 2012

Bridal Shower Sweet...

We recently kicked off my sister's upcoming wedding celebration with her bridal shower.  My mom selected a lemon and lime theme.  Then it was off to the drawing board.  What SWEETS to create?
I started off with angel food cake, topped with non-dairy whip topping(Smart and Final).  I baked them in lime and silver baking cup's, decorated them with lime green Sixlets (from Party City), lemon gummy candy (from Dollar Tree), and lemon lollipops (from Michaels).  
Next, I made lemon angel food cake, also topped with non-dairy whip topping.  I layered it with lemon curd and decorated with these pretty gold glitter birds and bird cage. Then I cut them into pieces and placed in these fun lime green and white dots baking cups.  My mom's hobnail cake plates layered up really added to the table and this  creation.  
Chocolate ganache!  Need I say more?  Who does not like this moist yummy cake.  This can be quite pricey and the bakery, but is inexpensive to make.  I topped them with my lime green glitter flags.  
Finally, there was a bit of a last minute request.  My sister wanted a layer cake.  I had planned something like this, but not exactly.  I was so pleased with how it turned out.  I used a yellow cake and green food coloring for the green layers.  In the center there was a thin layer of lemon curd and the rest was non-dairy whip topping.  Topped with a gold glitter bird cage, this put a smile on her face...
At the end of the day we all had a great time and were so happy with how everything turned out.  Wednesday I plan to share with you some of the great decorating ideas we had and how to do this yourself.  
I have a special thanks to my long time good friend Jennifer.  She travelled a few hours to help us capture this special day.  She is the co-owner of Personally Yours Photography in Novato, Ca.  Her 20 plus years of photography experience really comes through in all of the wonderful pictures she took.  Thank you so much.

Simple but great Chocolate Ganache Cake:
Devils Food Cake, make as directed
Chocolate whipped frosting, for the layers
1 cup of heavy whipping cream and 3 table spoons of light corn syrup, bring to a boil
add 1 bag of chocolate chips to your whipping cream, stir until smooth
let cool for about 10 minutes
pour over you cake( i moved my cake to a large pan so it would drip over)
let set and cut when you are ready to serve
As always, ENJOY...


  1. I just saw the yummy treats you baked up for your sister's bridal shower on her blog. They look awesome! What a nice way to celebrate such a happy occasion :).

    La Petite Gigi

  2. Jodi: The favor and treats are incredibly creative and so perfectly cute -- fantastic ... and GREAT PICS!!! xoxo, Steph

  3. Thank you for the nice comments.