Monday, March 12, 2012

Cake Pops

These cake pops were so fun and easy to make.  This was my first time making them.  I normally do not care for cake pops.  However, when I was in Target and saw that they had this machine that makes them just out of simple cake mix, I was sold.  Only $20, and you make your cake like usual.  You do not mix the frosting into the cake, which is what I dislike about most cake pops.  You have to give this a try.

1)  Mix your favorite cake
2)  Following cooking directions for the machine(very easy)
3)  Melt your candy melts
4)  Dip your cake pop stick into the candy melt
5)  Insert your cake pop onto the stick
6)  Let cool
7)  Dip your cake pop into the candy melt
8)  Decorate
9)  Let candy melt harden
10)  Enjoy!!!

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