Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wish 4 Wednesdays

What a fun party this would make...  I thought it would be fun to add a wish list to my blog.  So I surfed around the web for fun party items that I wish for.  I could picture it now.  A small get together in my patio.  These cupcakes look so fun.  What a great idea to color your cupcakes and match them to your party colors.  Paper straws are very popular right now.  These red and white stripped straws would add to the fabulous fun of the Jones blue bubblegum soda.  The Meri Meri large cake box has endless possibilities.  You could put some of your cupcakes inside, fill it with some pretty flowers, put a flameless candle inside, fill with some candy, well the list goes on and on.   Having a party?  Surf the web and see what you can find and have a great time...


  1. Those cupcakes do look like a great idea. Love the colors!

  2. wow those cupcakes look beyond amazing x