Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Take A "Chance" At Graduating

Chocolate center surprise
Completed chocolate surprise

Layered Nutella and chocolate buttercream frosting

Layered creamy peanut butter and buttercream frosting

What a fun project this was.  My friends son graduated last week.  So about a month ago she dropped off the baking cups and little black and white toppers.  I hopped on line and found the cap and gown in the color to match his school. made my day having exactly what I was looking for.  I glued the scroll and the bottom of the sleeve to make it look like he was holding it.  I also carefully glued the tassel onto the picture I cut out so it would stay in place.  He requested white and chocolate combination.  So I whipped up these white cupcakes and gave him a variety of toppings to choose from.  The super big cupcake had two kinds of chocolate frosting.  I hid the milk chocolate in the middle of the Smart and Final, Rich's Bettercream.  Others had layers of Nutella and peanut butter that I labeled above.  Lastly I sprinkled some with mini chocolate chips and white pearls.  They all looked beautiful on the platter together.  His favorite was the peanut butter layered.  After eating up all these treats, he has a special topper to save to remember his special day.  Way to go!  I know you have made your mama proud...

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