Monday, June 20, 2011

All Layered Up

My latest little project.  This was a fun small layer cake to make.  Duncan Hines make a wonderful orange cake.  It is very mellow.  I always add some vanilla extract or pudding to my cakes.  This one I used Trader Joe's vanilla extract.  I went with four layers and decorated with these fun ice cream Mallo-Licious treats I picked up from Walmart.  After baking my cake I cut off the tops to make them even.  Then I cut each piece in half.  Filled each layer with frosting and stacked them up.  Finished it off by frosting the sides and adding my Mallo-Licious around the bottom of the cake.  I took the cone off of the ice cream and stuck it to the frosting.  Finally I added a complete ice cream to the top center of my simple master piece.  It turned out so pretty...