Friday, May 27, 2011

Dot's, dot's and more dot's

Saks Fifth Avenue
I think out of all my fashion loves Polk-A-Dots are my favorite.  How fun are these shoes?  Let me tell you that dot's have always been a passion of mine.  When I was in grade school my favorite outfit to wear roller skating was navy and white polk-a-dots.  It had a cute 1940's style top with a full knee lenght skirt.  When I would spin around my skirt would fly up and I used to think that was the coolest.  Today with polk-a-dots being all over fashion, it brings a smile to my face. is one of the best places to search for a specific item and it lists thousands of vendors.  I love to use this site to compare prices, search for a certain item without knowing who makes it, and I can adjust the color and price to fit my needs. With the exception of the last shoe I posted, I found all of the others at  I am crazy for these dot's!

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