Wednesday, April 6, 2011

40 Is The New 20

40 Is The New 20, was the theme of my long time friends recent birthday celebration.  I liked it, but I thought 21 would be better so she could drink at her own party...  LOL!
Miles of Cupcakes

The Birthday Girl

Birthday girl, me and the PROUD mama

Here is when its good to be at least 21

The loving husband who put the party together

Next time I will have to get rid of the gum.  OOPS!

So over the last year we have been making the rounds with everyone turning 40.  Odd, maybe but I don't feel and hopefully look any older than 30.  We all look good.  This past weekend was a great time.  Great food, plenty to drink and lots of adults.  Was strange at first since I am mostly around my children.  The party was off and running and it looked like everyone really had a blast.  My girlfriends furthest guest was her cousin and he came out special from Texas just for her party.  My husband and I almost closed the party down.  With the help or should I say polite pushing from the host.  It is a rare occasion for us to get out so why not...  No birthday is complete without cupcakes.  So I whipped up about 60, as well as some toppers.  I had the birthday girls favorite, white cake with chocolate frosting as well as chocolate with vanilla, chocolate with chocolate buttercream, white cake with vanilla, chocolate cake with peanut butter and chocolate frosting, well the list goes on.  Casey and I have known each other for 39 1/2 years.  My mom took hers to the hospital to have her. Although we can both get super busy with life, we fit each other in when it counts the most.  Happy Birthday Casey and thank you so much for including us in on your fabulous celebration.

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  1. You all look fabulous and omg at all those cupcakes! What a delicious and fun birthday!