Monday, March 7, 2011

WOW! Better Luck Next Time...

So...  Let me start from the beginning.  I started out to make what seemed to be easy cake pops, minus the stick.  So I guess cake balls.  Easy steps to the recipe.  Bake a cake, break apart into a bowl, mix frosting into cake, refrigerate, melt candy chips, make cake into balls, use toothpick or fork to dip into melted candy chips, and cool on wax paper. So what happen?  I am hoping for some reader input.  Has anyone had experience making these and they turned out right?  I have seen them done on other blogs and they looked great.  So I am thinking some little step I missed would have done the trick.  My final photo is not so impressive.  The cake balls slipped right off the toothpick, so that was not the best idea.  When I used a fork, I could not get them off the fork. So in the end to try and salvage my project I tried to add more candy coating to cover up the bare spots.  Looks, not so much.  Taste, really good.  Before I make my next attempt I am hopeful that someone will have some in site to this craft I clearly have not got figured out:)  They say third time is a charm, but I am crossing my fingers for round two.


  1. oh I hate when that happens! I am sure they tasted yummy!

  2. what if you put the candy melts INSIDE the cakes? then drizzle some dark chocolate over the cakes after they're baked?

  3. I haven't done this but I think I read once that it takes some practice and patience. It's probably all about the right dip/twirl/lift. Also, it looks like your candy chips weren't completely melted? That might be a contributing factor. Maybe try using two toothpicks and both hands to better support the cake balls. Keep at it. I bet you'll get better each time. Then you can share your tips with us! :)