Monday, March 14, 2011

More Than A Minute Of FUN...

Minute To Win It
All The Kids Are Winners
Cereal Box Match Up
Gum Ball Bottle

Tissue Box Madness

What a party...  The kids had a blast.  The adults had fun watching as well as participating. They got to play so many easy, but fun games.  Of course each game was timed.  The kids got to pick a game station.  The start timer would go off and it was game on.  Some of the games were throwing playing cards into a watermelon, bouncing ping pong balls from a table into a cup, as you can see above, pulling tissue out of a box to empty it as fast as you can, and getting all the gum balls to drop from one soda bottle to another.  This was just to name a few.  The kids also signed posters for the birthday twins. It was certainly a great time had by all.  If you have yet to try this theme for a party it comes highly recommended by me.  Not just for kids, but I could see for adults this could be a blast too.  

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  1. such a fun little party and you did a great job with the desserts!! Love them!