Thursday, January 27, 2011

Block Party Fun

Good morning!  This is a little collection I put together for one of my mom's block parties.  It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy mix and match, so this was perfect for me.  The block party was to celebrate the newest little member of the court and the end of summer.  Of course like most streets there are both girls and boys, so I made sure that I had an assortment of girl and boy as well as baby friendly toppers.  I put together layered flowers, frogs, fish and baby items.  I also used both a white cake and chocolate as well as vanilla frosting and chocolate.  Some I added Nestle's mini chocolate chips on top and others had colored sugar edges or the always beautiful pearls.  I never put sprinkles on every cupcake because not everyone likes it.  My husband would be the first one to complain if there was not a plain frosted cupcake...  LOL!  It was a great time and all the kids loved the toppers.  I hope my pictures inspire you to do some of your own mix and match fun.
P.S.  This silver platter was a great find at my local Dollar Tree store.  Yes only $1.00 compared to party stores that charge you around $4.00.

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