Monday, December 6, 2010

Trick of my trade

I created these "Super" wonderful cupcakes a couple of months ago for my birthday.  Toppers came out just how I wanted them.  One of the really fun parts was the frosting.  I have had a challenge. Getting the combo colors to work how I wanted.  So when I was decorating I had 2 bag of frosting.  One with vanilla and one with chocolate.  I used about half of each bag and then with the tip still on I squirted the rest of one into the center of the bag of the other.  Magically before my eyes it worked.  They came out great and I even got complements on them.  Extra added bonus was that I only had to use 2 bags and tips instead of 3.  I really like to create a variety of frosting's, cakes and decorations each time I bake.  Its nice to give people a choice...

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