Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday Fun...

How fun are these...  Super easy and can be made to compliment any holiday.  Pictured here Christmas theme I found in Good Housekeeping December 2010 issue.  All you need is a large marshmallow, melted chocolate, sprinkles to fit your theme, and some super cute drinking straws.  Insert straw into the marshmallow.  Then dip it in the melted chocolate.  Let chocolate cool a bit on some wax paper and then dip bottom into your sprinkles.  Make them in minutes and get a lot of smiles.  Perfect portion size.  These are ready to go.  Would also be great as a gift in a treat bag!


  1. Straws can be found at, and I saw on that you can get a great deal from a place in Wiscasset, Maine (207)882-9930.

  2. Love them! i have yet to use mine yet! I want too! I also have blue ones! Love them in a cupcake!