Monday, November 1, 2010

Birthday Halloween Fun...

Polk-a-dots & Sprinkles

Vanilla/lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting
These were for Halloween night.  Yummy fun flavors with several designs of cupcake papers.  A little tip.  Some people dont LOVE sprinkles.  If you put them on early enough they get soft and then you dont even know they are there.  I used pearlized white sugar pearls on these.  Dressed up the cupcake, cute and fun!


  1. The frosting looks so creamy-what did you use to make it?

  2. The top cupcake with black and orange sprinkles has a vanilla frosting from Naturally Nora and the cupcake with the white pearls is a ready made lemon from Betty Crocker. I like to use a lot of products. Some ready made, some almost ready made and some from scratch.